Carmel Argaman
Investments Ltd.
Carmel Argaman
Investments Ltd.

About Us...

Carmel Argaman Investments Ltd. was established in 2017 with managed assets of about a half a billion shekels.

The company specializes both in creating investment strategies and in financial planning for wealthy families and individuals as well as for corporations and companies in Israel.

We offer a variety of services: portfolio management, financial policies, training funds, provident funds, Amendment 190, IRA, executive insurance, pension funds, hedge funds, Real estate funds and more.

Our main advantages

  • We are a private company and do not own any of the insurance companies.
  • We have freedom of action and an objective holistic vision that puts you and your family first.
  • All financial services and financial planning under one roof!
  • We have extensive experience in all areas of the economy and the capital market.
  • We accompany our customers step by step throughout the entire process
  • Personal and dedicated care, pleasant atmosphere and trust are the cornerstones of our company

The above does not constitute a substitute for investment advice/marketing and/or a return guarantee.

Our Services Strategic Partners

Managing family capital is complex and requires a variety of professional skills and abilities.
Thanks to our experience, we have built a network of experts who can assist you with this complex task. The experts listed below were carefully selected.

We will emphasize that Carmel Argaman is not rewarded by service providers